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The Mysore University printing Press was established in 1958. The then Vice Chancellor Dr. K. V. Puttappa (KUVEMPU) who was a poet of high eminence and great vision. Established the printing press as 1/8 part of new developments initiated during his tenure to cope with the ever-expanding publishing activities of the Prasaranga. The publication division of the University called "Prasaranga" was already in existence. A exclusive printing Press was found necessary to publish books and to meet other printing needs of the University of Mysore. The Press was started with a special officer on duty Prof. D. Javare Gowda (DeJaGow) who was the Controller of Examinations and assigned the additional charge of the printing Press. The Press was first located in Akashavani building and later on it was shifted to the Jayalakshmi Vilas mansion in manasagangothri along with Prasaranga. A new building was constructed in the Campus with great vision of Prof. D. Javarae Gowda; the Press was shifted to
the present building located at Mysore-Mangalore road in 1972.

Divisions in Printing Press

  1. Administration section.
  2. Pre-press section.
  3. Press section.
  4. Post press section.
  5. Dispatch section.
  6. Stationery section.

a) Administration section:

  • Printing orders are received
  • Materials are Procured
  • Printing bills are raised

b) Pre-Press section:

  • DTP:- Soft copies are prepared & sent for Approval
  • Plate making: - layouts are been prepared according to number of pages and size of Books. According to the layout plates are prepared for offset Machines.

c) Press section:
Screen printing: - Smaller Jobs like letterheads, Covers, & Calico printing are done here.

Digital: - Four color digital printing are Executed, according to the Job requirement.

Offset Printing:-
Jobs which are below 1000 copies are printed in sheet fed.
Jobs which are above 1000 copies are printed in web-offset according to production requirement.

d) Post press-Binding:

  • Printed sheets are folded according to layout.
  • Folded forms are gathered.
  • Gathered forms are sent for perfect Machine or Sewing Machine.
  • Hard bound/soft bound is made according to requirement & sent for cutting.

e) Dispatch:

  • After Job is finished Material sent to dispatch.
  • Materials are delivered to respective departments.

f) Stationery:

  • The materials required for production are stored in the stationery section.
  • The printing materials & Examination materials are been distributed from stationary section.

We print:

1. Printing works such as Stock Books, Cash Books, From and To Registers, Audit Reports, Attendance Registers, CL Books, Receipt Books, Day Books, Tappal Books, Invoice Books, Publications of Prasaranga, Gandhi bhavan, IKS, ORI. Printing work relating to Examinations such as Room Superintendent Dairy,Practical Answer books, Additional Answer, Marks Cards, Marks Registers, Forms relating to Phd, Invigilator Dairy, Practical Inner Cover, Practical Outer Cover, Certificates, Covers, Note Sheet, Challans, E.L Form, Namoone-1, L.P.C, F & R Chellan, Salary Bill, Letter Pad, Wrapper Sheet, Application form, Graph heet, T.A. Bill, Remunaration Bill, Out-patient and various printing works related to other department.

2. Priority printing works like Letter heads, visiting cards, Budget books Audit reports, Annual accounts, Convocation books, passes.











2022-23 (Till date)









2022-23 (Till date)



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Contact :

  • Director
  • University Printing Press
  • Manasagangotri
  • University of Mysore
  • Mysuru
  • Phone Number : 0821-2419367
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